I have finally managed to get on track with the new WIP (provisional title Through Stranger Eyes) and be as productive as I want to be.For the past couple of days, despite every distraction imaginable, I have managed to produce 2k words solidly. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel. Yeah, I know it’s no big deal, but I had started doubting myself and the story I was trying to write. I mean, it took me hours to put 1k words down, when for my previous book (it feels so nice to be able to say “my previous book,” doesn’t it?) I used to churn 1k words in a little over an hour and a half, maybe two, if I was distracted.

The draft (so far about 21k words) is still not as great as it could be, and chances are I’m going to have to revise and rewrite to similar extent as I did with The Darkening (honestly, I hope not), but I’ve come to accept a simple fact; I can not produce a good first draft. That’s fine. First drafts are what the phrase implies, meaning only the first step of something better. It’s like digging a hole in the ground. It’s not pretty when you’re done, but what matters is what you build afterwards. I still don’t have a good feel for the characters (which was the case with The Darkening as well), but I’m getting there. I might also need to take a step back from the tight POV I’m using at the moment (the same as I used for the previous book), probably choose a more traditional POV, one where the main character can have after their dialogue the invisible tag “s/he said.” But I’m not worried so much about that now. The transition, if I do end up making it, will not be as hard as it was for The Darkening. I think I have also figured out which of the first scenes I’ll delete or merge with others, which means the story resonates better with me now, hopefully even more as I keep going. Overall, I’m satisfied, mainly because I feel productive.

I think one of these days, I’m going to have to publicize the board I’ve been using on Pinterest with images related to cyberpunk and the setting as I imagine it. Are you using any such boards or images when writing about another world (those of you who write fantasy or sci-fi)? Perhaps Google street view when you’re writing about places in other countries? I have found this method to be very helpful.


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2 thoughts on “Minor update

  1. Good to read you’re being productive! I never thought of using a range of images to visualise another world, or using Google street view, but that’s probably because none of the worlds I write about are set anywhere near today’s world (although I’m sure it is arguable whether there are places in the world that look like they did in ancient times…but in that case it’s unlikely Google’s 3D vehicle camera got there! ha). I just see the world in my mind, probably inspired by films or series, and other worlds I imagined while reading novels.
    I’d love to see the Pinterest board you’ve been using for your WIP!

    1. It feels good to be productive again, despite the never-ending stream of interruptions. I have found the use of images to be helpful when I rush through a scene and the descriptions I want the reader to pay attention to. I often have an image in my mind, write about it, but because I get carried away while I write, I neglect making sure I have given the full picture of the setting the way I want it, especially if there’s lots of dialogue. So, during the first draft, I’ll write the dialogue, barely outline the setting, and move on. During revisions, I want to make sure I give the full picture as far as the setting goes. I may end up deleting bits of it at later stages, but at least I know I have shown the full picture, so then I can remove the fluff easier and with fewer second thoughts.

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