As I had mentioned in a previous post, I was expecting some revisions and corrections from another magazine’s editor. It was about a story that had troubled me a lot when I wrote it, but this magazine seems to be the right place for it.
The editor made several corrections, suggestions and changes. Looking at some of those in retrospect, I’m surprised at how many things I missed and how many more the people at scribophile, that had a go at it, failed to spot. It made me not only wonder at how lenient that magazine’s editor was with my story (every page had at least 2 points marked in red – and I stress the “at least” part) but also how important an editor’s job really is. In one of my rare moments of optimism (I’m not the most optimistic person in the world), I couldn’t help but think that the editor saw something in that story that was worth her time and effort, despite the many mistakes she spotted. I think it takes a very knowledgeable person to be able to do that, even when a story lacks a certain something.
I can tell you one thing for sure: the more I write and the more I submit stuff in magazines, the more respect I give to the editors for the work they do and I tip my hat to them.
So, I resubmitted the story with the corrections and the new paragraphs that (hopefully) answered the many questions the editor had. I’m waiting once again to see if the things I added are to her liking and if she will still be willing to publish it.
The progression of the novel has slowed down a bit but so far I’m almost at 60k words (it was 48k words two weeks ago). I had to work on that short story and I had some family from Italy coming over for a short visit. On top of that, I have no access to the computer since a small short circuit has caused a problem. Hopefully, the problem will have either damaged the ups battery (I hope not) or it will have fried the resistance in the multiple outlet extension cord. Preliminary tests show the latter to be the case but I will know for sure tomorrow.

Hopefully I may be able to announce my third publication by next week. Once again, cross your fingers for me please.

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