Let’s see what paths this takes you 🙂 Lots of things to play with here. Characters, setting, backstory, conflict. Take your pick.


“Go on, open the umbrella, Richard. Now’s a good a time as any.”
“Open it.”
“I said, no.”
“open the umbrella, or I’ll smack you in the head with it, you old geezer.”
Henry puffed and huffed and rolled his eyes. “Who you’re calling old, you, you, you overripe prune? Your senility makes you forget I’m the youngest. Four moon turns. Y-O-U-N-G-E-S-T. Youngest.
“You’re older than me. Four moon turns OLDER! Father mixed us up at first, remember? I’m the youngest.”
Richard harrumphed and turned his back, one leg over the other, foot bouncing up and down irritably.
Henry rolled his eyes and kept drumming his thigh with his fingers.
“Open the umbrella.”
“You stubborn old fool. He’ll die with everyone else in less than five minutes. What difference does it make if we claim him now? Open the damn umbrella.”
“Oh, no. I’m not getting the blame again for another early reset.”

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