“Hey, don’t worry,” the dog said. “We’ll find your master. I have a nose for these things, you know.”

The horse whinnied and shook its mane. “You said that the last time we were here. We ‘ve been going in circles for two hours now.” It paused, glanced to its left, then to the right. “I don’t think you’re as good with your nose as you think you are.”

What do you think? Are these two animals friends? Are they lost? Perhaps looking for something? Have you ever tried writing a story from the POV of an animal or an object? How would you tackle it? What stories can you come up with this image?

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7 thoughts on “Inspiration prompt 17

    1. This sounds very original and quite hard. Was it challenging? Most of the times we come up with stories involving humans or, at the very least, creatures (fantasy and sci-fi genres come to mind) able to present emotions so the readers can empathise. This essay must have been very difficult.

  1. Hey buddy,

    I caught a really sweet email from you on the tablet yesterday, then it disappeared on my PC. Sorry about that, and many thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to sharing your work on my blog 🙂

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