What do you think a person, who spends most of his or her time at a place like the one in the picture, gets to see each day? Weird or normal things? What kind of man do you think he is? How would the voice of said man change the style of the story? Is he a bitter man, annoyed by the indifferent and sometimes hard faces that go by him? Or is he a philosopher? Does he do what he does because he chose it or because he was forced? The way the character forms in my mind (and so far I only have the character in my head. A place like the subway – or any train platform or airport – will have more than just one story to tell), is that of an observer, one who tells stories, and accompanies them with his music, whenever he needs to emphasise something from the story.

What about you?

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4 thoughts on “Inspiration prompt 11

  1. Two possibilities jump to my mind immediately. 1) The guy is a widower and returns to the subway on some sort of anniversary where he first met the love of his life. 2) The guy is an angel who uses this character to find the next person in need of divine guidance. Just saying… 🙂

    1. 🙂
      Like I said, I see the character, but not a story (yet). I see him sharing his wisdom about the people he sees while in the subway. Remember that unique style of narration some of the great directors of the ’70s had? It kind of brings to mind (and I don’t know why yet) the movie Taxi Driver, not for the violence or the loss of moral values, BUT for the style of narration, that noir element (or neo-noir or whatever the style is called – I’m not going into so much depth with the movies I like, lol). So the setting will probably be in a big city, around that time or at least with the noir style or narration. I’m thinking said POV character will be walking by our side late at night after he has called it a night, so it’s going to be dark (here I am once again with my fascination with dark settings, hmm…), sp that’s the time frame, which I think will add more to the whole noir thing. I’m thinking him telling us stories about the things he has experienced. I just don’t have a story in mind, which is why what I’m saying is so vague.
      When I saw the image, I got a strong flash of the character, his voice, and the setting. Usually, that’s more than enough for me, but in this case there are so many things I can come up with as stories, but nothing sticks out. Yet 😉

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