Yes, editing. That’s when writing actually takes place. The following is a list of some overused words we all tend to use. I know I do, especially #3. In my defence, my main character questions his motives and, above all else, his sanity, so it seems only natural for him to express doubt.
Some of the macros I use on my word processor include these words. What about you? Do you use any of these words too often?

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6 thoughts on “10 Overused Words in Writing

  1. I appreciate the example on “because”–I know I overuse it but sometimes can’t figure out how to delete it. I also overuse “that.” After I finish a manuscript, I can go through and delete hundreds of unnecessary “thats.”

    1. I have the same problem with “that.” Luckily, I delete a lot of them during edits. I also have a macro for that. I often forget the difference between “which” and “that” and when to use either. It’s one of my many writing nemeses I have, one I hope to get rid of down the road.

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