Staying focused while editing

I suck at multitasking. I mean, REALLY suck at it. Sometimes I envy people who at the same time can be on the phone dealing with an important client, signing and inspecting documents, whilst thinking about a problem at home or about the kids, and at the same time (!!) arranging things for an office happening. I wish I had a fraction of that ability. How do you people do that? Seriously, HOW?

When I have to do something, I have to focus every bit of me to make sure it works the way I want it to work. It’s the same thing with my writing. I find it impossible to write and edit other material I have queued for the same day. I think I’m programmed to finish one thing first, as best as possible (my perfectionist side doesn’t always kick in, thank God), and then move on to the next task. What this means is that, now that I’m editing my book, I find it very hard (if not impossible) to write. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. It’s that I feel that by doing one, I rob the other from the time and effort I should be putting into it. Why edit for 4 hours when I can edit for 6? Why write for 3 hours and edit for 2 more, when I can write for 5? Why is it that although I know how important editing is I feel that I should be writing instead? That I’m falling behind? I think my mind is weird or just messed up 😛

Last week I told you about my editing process. I think we can all agree that such a process is time consuming. I finished the first draft in 5 months (I wrote half of it on my cell phone, which is why it took me that much), but I don’t think I’ll have it edited in a year. Two is probably more like it. And in that time? Will I get no writing done? At all? That’s scary.

What about you? Do you write your WIP, edit another work, then read or do you only focus on one thing, no matter how long it takes you? Are you like me or am I the only one?