Inspirational prompts

I’d like to start a new category, one that will (hopefully) inspire you to write more or at least evoke something inside.

I’m very much a visual person, in that I’ll see an image and a story will pop into my mind. Well, maybe not a whole story, more like a scene but the point is that things will start stirring in my head. I know that for others this happens when they read something or when they put together certain words or when they hear something.

So I want to start this new category called “Inspirational Prompts” where I’ll be posting a picture, a string of words, a full sentence etc, that hopefully will motivate you into writing something. It could be a completely new story or it could be a new take on a scene for something you’ve already written and want to reword.

Write down your stories or scenes that spring from it. If this idea of mine has helped you, write a comment and let me know. I’ll share your enthusiasm. Don’t send me your stories; they are for you, to help you if you’re in need of it or to simply increase your daily word quota. This is me trying to help the community by giving something back. Feel free to reblog whatever you think others may find beneficial.

I should also point out that since I write mainly horror, fantasy (dark fantasy mainly) and sci-fi, a good deal of the images I’ll be posting will be related to that. Of course I’ll have others, non-fantasy related.

So, this is the first image.

(Where possible, I will mention where I found each image from and who owns it. In this case, the pinterest image simply says Found in

What thoughts go through his mind? Why is he in the background? What about her? What could they say to each other if the image showed them in the exact same place but in a futuristic setting?

Let your imagination run wild!

Oh, yes, this is from my pinterest page, I started solely for these blog posts. If you have any more images to share with me or wish to give me a quick tour of how pinterest works, please do so 🙂