It’s a time of change

Panic mode on pause for this post.

Just a quick note to inform people of a couple of changes about to take place.

1. Those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter with an email other than¬†Gmail have probably noticed that it’s been a while since the last time you received my newsletter. That means that the last one you received was the one I sent on February. Since then, I have sent out two more emails, in which I let people know of upcoming releases and publications. Apparently, this problem affected people who subscribed to my mailing list using a Yahoo, Hotmail, Att, Aol, and any other email provider, EXCEPT Gmail. This is because I was sending my emails using my free Gmail account. Up to now, this wasn’t a problem, but it seems that this is no longer allowed.

I am aware of the problem and working on a solution as we speak (see point 2, below)

2. In order to fix this problem, I’m working on setting up a new private domain (which will be – there’s nothing there at the moment, but there will be at some point) and, consequently, a new email address to use with my newsletter. Bottom line, the site you are reading now may come to end, and migrate instead to a new home, including this blog. It’s too technical for me to explain, because I don’t understand everything…

OK, fine, I don’t understand a single thing about it, but I have a good friend who is helping me out with this. Obviously, when it happens, I’ll let you all know and ask you to update your bookmarks, or anything else this will affect, so you can still read my weekly posts.

3. I have sent my manuscript for The Darkening to my editor (I love saying this – my editor!). I expect to be swamped with a ton of things to do in the coming weeks, so I may disappear a bit from blogging. Don’t worry, the result will be good. I’m sure of it.

Panic mode restarts in 3, 2, 1…