Hello everyone

This week I’d like to give some information about what my book is about.

First of all, I should say that the genre is fantasy leaning towards sword and sorcery BUT not entirely. No more than A Song of Ice and Fire is, at least. I use multiple POVs in order to tell significant events that happen in the world. The world I’ve created bases its magic on the elements, which means there are four distinct types; earth, fire, water and wind. The way I have explained it is that the characters’ world resides at the centre of a balanced scale with four tips. Each tip represents an element and consequently another world dominated by that element. The characters’ world (the real world) resides on the fringes of these four elemental worlds, thus having access to all four types of elements. Pretty straight forward so far.

What happens if another plane enters the equation? That is one question a part of the story is about, though not the main plot line. The other thing is this: what if nightmares were real, living entities? Where did they come from? What if there was a way for them to enter the real world (the characters’ world)? What would happen then? My guess is madness would come to life and that is what I have made the story be all about. How would individuals deal with it? What would happen to a kingdom that is on the brink of civil war, if the key players were to be “possessed”, so to speak, by maddening nightmares? This last question gives rise to another one: who controls the nightmares?

These, along with the different characters that will tell the story (different POVs), are some of the main plot lines that will have to be answered by the time I finish all the books. Oh yes, I forgot to mention… It’s going to be more than one book. Which is nice when you think about it but nigh impossible to sell to the agents and publishers since I’m unknown in the literature circles. The risk is too high for them. The length of each book will be far greater than the standards agents ask from newcomers (if I ever become one). Again, think of George R. R. Martin’s books (around 1000 pages) as well as Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time book length (more than 1000 pages).

To tackle this, I have also started outlining (whenever time permits) another story, a stand alone one, based on one of my short stories. I will talk about that at another post. I should be able to keep it at normal length (around 100k words, which is about 250 pages I think). But first I want to finish with the draft of the first book of the series and see where it takes me from there. If anything, I’m honing my craft, so no waste of time there 🙂

Also, I’m still waiting if anyone wants to share ideas with the rest of the community. If so, please let me know, so I can set up a new page in my blog where we could share stories and ideas.

Take care!