Dreaded point

I have reached the point I dreaded the most. Despite my planning and all the outlining I did a year ago when I started drafting the Darkening, I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to delete part of the plot. I was just about to finish editing chapter 25 (past the midpoint of the book) when I realised that a part of the plot was weak, irrelevant and as such it had to go. Now I have to go back and re-revise and re-rewrite 25 chapters (I’ve been rewriting and revising for the past 4 months, so…), and change some of the causes and their effects that make up the plot, so the project makes sense again. The funny thing is, chapter 25 was supposed to be the place where that particular plot arc would come to an end. What was that you said? Better late than sorry? Well, it couldn’t get any later than that! Actually, it could, but I’d rather not think about it. Remember last week when I said I hoped I’d have the MS ready for the betas by the end of summer or early autumn at the latest? Yeeeeaah…. no.

Anyway, it’s Easter Sunday for us Greek Orthodox, which as far as festive days go, it’s the biggest and most important. I’m off to continue with the celebration 🙂