Let the hunt begin!

Or rather, the process before the hunt.


I think it’s time for me to start researching agencies and agents that seek Post-apocalyptic Horror novels. I have to admit, it wasn’t easy for me to admit it, or come to terms with. Somewhere deep down in me, I’m still convinced that my book needs work. On the other hand, I know for a fact I can’t do anything more on it without destroying what I have created. Also, given the fact I’m somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to my writing (OKAY, okay… perhaps “somewhat” is an understatement, fine. Excessively then.), my inhibitions may be related to that. And there’s always the probability of me being a little bit intimidated. Bottom line is I don’t want any of these reasons to hold me back. I don’t want to be that writer who says the manuscript isn’t as good as it should be, when in fact it’s only an excuse, and spends the next 20-30 years always polishing it. And I do believe that if I tamper with the manuscript any more, I will make a mess of it. The perfectionist in me will not allow that. Worst case scenario, even if I do come up with anything to improve, it will be some time later, and I will have the chance to see things clearer than I do now.

So, from now on, I will make use of the LONG list of agencies I have bookmarked over the past three years and see which of their agents would be interested in something related to The Darkening. To increase my chances, I will research agencies in the UK as well as the US. It’s time I start drafting my query and research as much as possible about it.

I will also participate in every (or as many as humanly possible) twitter contests, hoping to pair, if not with an agent, then perhaps one of the editors (acquisition or otherwise), if any participate during these events. If possible, I’d like to have started querying by late spring or early summer, then I imagine around autumn the first rejections will start pouring in. Is it okay if I still hold a sliver of hope that one of them may request the full manuscript?

The query letter comes first though. Another uphill path stretches before me.